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    Sneak Peek | Grace & Alex

    Thursday, April 26th, 2012

    Maison Galleria Spring Boutique Event!

    Monday, April 23rd, 2012

    Just over a week ago I held a spring boutique open house event at the beautiful Maison Galleria in downtown Stillwater - what a great night! We had nearly a dozen women-opened businesses set up tables throughout the store and served wine and dessert . 80+ people came through during the open house to shop and mingle, so fun!   Sadly I got so caught up chatting with old friends and meeting new ones I never took any photos with the exception of some table set ups at the beginning of the party.

    Thank you!!! To all the wonderful women who brought their merchandise in to sell and provided door prize giveaways! and THANK YOU to all the shoppers who came on down to support me and the businesses that night – it was a wonderful evening and I am grateful for your friendship! Too bad we don’t have any fun party pics from the evening. If you want any information any of the people who were selling let me know and I can connect you.

    Naptime Treasures www.naptimetreasures.comFancy Schmancy PrettiesStelie Designs www.steliedesigns.comUppercase Living www.wordsonawall.comMartha’s Baby BundlesJ Hilburn and Kokoon ClothingStella and Dot

    Charming Baby Charlie

    Thursday, April 5th, 2012

    22 days old for his photo debut and quite the charmer! Lucky for us he had smiled for the first time that morning prior to our session so I was able to get some very sweet little smilies between him and his mama. He has 2 big sisters that weren’t able to join in the fun, hope to include them later this summer so stay tuned :)

    New {Modern Headshots} for savvy business professionals!

    Saturday, March 31st, 2012

    With having a small business myself I find so much enjoyment in meeting and connecting with other women doing the same thing. Being a mom and running a small business, no matter how big or small is a ton of work! But a ton of rewarding work at that :)  I find often times women refer to their businesses as ‘the first baby’ or ‘third baby’ or whatever number it may be because it truly is like having a child in the fact you are most likely thinking about that business ALL. THE. TIME. Well maybe not allll the time but it’s somewhere in the back of your head most of the time.  It seems that while note working you are inspired about something you want to do for your business or you think about something you are working on or needs to be done for your business, or maybe that is just me and quite possibly, because I love what I do :)   However it shakes out, I am always drawn to and love talking to other women who light up when speaking of their passion, their small business, their ‘other child’ so to speak.

    Here are a few fabulous women I’ve had the chance to meet over the course of the past few weeks – talented, compassionate, savvy, and seeking the balance we allstrive to meet with our families.

    Mish Mash Studio www.mishmashstudio.com

    Attune Acupuncture: http://www.attuneacu.com/

    A girl named Michael: http://www.girlnamedmichael.com/

    Domata Gluten Free: http://www.domataflour.com/