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    Happiness is… Springtime with your Beautiful Baby

    Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

    It was so much fun to meet up with this little family on one of the very few nice days we’ve enjoyed in Minnesota this spring! The trees were in bloom, the birds were chirping, and it wasn’t raining :) (this is an inside joke – if you live in MN you sadly know what I mean!).  It was fun to watch his reaction to grass, the wind, and all the elements as we all come out of hibernation to experience the great outdoors. I know Dave (daddy) from college and it was SUPER FUN to see him in his role as a father. He sure is a wonderful one! And no doubt little William has both of them wrapped around his finger :)

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    Big Sister Extraordinaire!

    Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
    When I caught up with Baby Evan’s family last weekend the main goal was to photograph him however, he made it pretty clear to us that the #1 item on his agenda for the evening was to eat, lol :) SO! We decided not to let the beautiful evening pass us by and instead headed outdoors a bit inbetween feedings, to capture big sister along with her dad and Sparkles the bear :)   More to come of Evan but in the meantime, wanted to put the big sis in the spotlight for a moment :)
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    Along the St. Anthony River, Minneapolis Minnesota

    Monday, October 24th, 2011

    I love meeting new families! It was a perfectly gorgeous fall evening when I met up with this beautiful family and rightly so as we had gotten rained out several weeks prior!  I first got to watch them enjoy playing soccer and football together and then we ran around and had a great time. We ended the session on and under the Stone Arch Bridge – doing a little twirling on the bridge and a bit of stone skipping in the Mississippi below. Thank you so much for letting me meet your family and spend the evening together!