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  • Archive: May, 2014

    Liz {Modern Headshots}

    Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

    modern headshots, edina headshotsLovely Liz (Modern Headshots} Stella & Dot
    One of the most effervescent people I know, she always has a sparkle about her due to her cheer, good will, and zest for life! A few minutes in her company and you will be feeling happy too!


    Family Fun!

    Sunday, May 25th, 2014
    edina familyBecause it’s always good to be prepared…
    You know, with your electric toothbrush. When you have 4 teeth. Smart boy that little Harrison! Hopefully he’ll keep up these good habits later
    It was an action-packed, adventure-filled morning wi…th a fresh walker and a 3 year old but those curls and blue eyes had me at their beck and call.

    Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
    edina photos{First Communion Dress Photos}
    Over the past few years I’ve done of these sessions and because I think it is such a great idea, wanted to share a few photos and suggest the idea for future communicants. An opportunity to capture your child and perhaps special heirloom items outside of the big celebration at church, which tends to be busy with specific rules on photos.