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  • {Modern Headshots}

    modern headshots, minneapolis headshots, 50th and france headshotsMarch has been a busy time for my {Modern Headshots} for business professionals. One of my most recent clients, a natural in front of the camera wouldn’t you say!?


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    2 Responses to “{Modern Headshots}”

    1. Deborah McMahon says:

      I would like to have my headshot taken. Please let me know your availability.


    2. teres says:

      Hi Deborah! Sorry I am just seeing this notice now. Sadly, my blog gets more ‘junk’ and spam than anything else so it’s hard to filter through the real requests.
      If you are still interested, I’d love to talk further! You can contact me through my website ‘contact’ page on http://www.teresahermesphotography.com or feel free to call me at 612-325-0618.
      Thank you and again, so sorry!

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