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  • Celebrating Quinn – A Community Tribute

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    If you live in or have passed through Edina the past few days you’ve noticed the seas of green balloons that line the streets and shops.  The balloons are a loving tribute to an 8 year old boy who died suddenly on Monday from heart failure. The youngest of 4 boys, this sweet child had touched the lives of many and people were moved to show their support to the Kirsch family in such a way.  I was contacted, along with fellow local photographer Elissa Kadue of Little Bean Photograhy to photograph the balloons and the lighting of the luminaries by the students and parents of OLG to commemorate Quinn’s life. A wise, dear friend of the family knew from experience that in their darkest of hours, the family would not see the balloons but knew that later they would be grateful for and be able to appreciate the outpouring of love and support by the community. We are touched to be able to share our images with the community and hope this video is a piece of healing for the community and, especially, the Kirsch family

    Please click on the link below to view the video ::

    Celebrating Quinn Kirsch


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