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  • Lake Harriet Family Fun {sneak peek family photography}

    premiere minneapolis family photographer, edina family photographer, 50th and france family photographerOh how I love Magical Lake Harriet in the fall! Ok, well anytime of year!  It always draws me in under it’s spell. A place I’ve found myself hooked for half my life. And then, a place I have fond memories of visiting as a child too. I’ve watched it evolve and change ever so slightly over time yet the same feeling remains.

    Well this family and I go way back as I had the pleasure of meeting both boys in the hospital when they were just a few days old. Needless to say, I’ve watched them grow up being we lived nearby and our children are close in age. So when it was their turn for photos I found my camera poised and frozen until their ‘whhhhaaat!?!…sort of snapped me out of it :) Apparantly I was ogling/smilng/pausing a bit too long for their comfort,  I’m sure. But what I was marveling at was how grown up they were, how handsome. When did they get so big? I was sure it was just a few weeks ago their mom and I were having coffee at Caribou and our newborns were sleeping in the car seats at our feet….


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