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  • I Love My Mom

    One thing you need to know about me is that at every session, regardless of how you look or feel – I WILL insist that I take your photo with your kids. And your spouse. I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is. Wait-  I don’t apologize! It’s for your own good and you will thank me later, I promise! I can guarantee you are beautiful JUST.AS.YOU.ARE.  Yoga pants, pony tails, lack of make up, even a lack of shower need not get in our way. Because you know what? Your kids think you are the best and most beautiful mom in the world regardless of the fancy clothes or perfect hairdo and you owe it to them to give them an image to hold onto.

    So! Even tho I forewarn new clients sometimes they don’t listen :) Sometimes they fight me on it and sometimes, only sometimes I let it slide. But then when the session is over I feel like I failed them – to not at least have documented something I could have made black and white if necessary and showed them that the camera doesn’t pick up on split ends or bad breath the way they are imagining it (yes, I have had that conversation with people over the years!!)   Ok but REPEAT CLIENTS don’t have an excuse. So if you come to do photos for a second time you just know- I will have you in a photo, like it or not.

    On Saturday my friend Heather arrived with her 3 BEAUTIFUL children that have the personality to match all of those good looks and says we are just photographing the kids. ‘Uh-huh,OK’ I say but since this is the second time I’ve taken photos of the kids I know I won’t let it slide :) Last summer it was 110 degrees in the shade and I think she had run about 100 miles before the session so I did let it go but not this time. And LOOK! Will you just LOOK AT THAT!  I made her get in and the kids were sooooo thrilled they just glommed onto her and it was immediate magic unfolding on my camera. As I looked through my camera at them clamouring to get as close as possible to their mom I was giddy. I feel like this is the kind of photo that every mom should have with their kids.  *I*  want this photo with my kids! cheek to cheek, with both of them! All of us smiling but not because we are supposed to but because we are just so happy to be there. That was how this was – so spontaneous, so joyful, and just so happy to be there, with their mom :)

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